Important COVID-19 Update

Beginning Monday, March 23, NO visitors will be allowed inside the facility. All patients will be screened before check-in. Visitors can wait in the car or outside on benches and picnic tables. We will call caretakers when the patient is ready and discharge instructions will be given at the vehicle. We will update our policy on an as-needed basis.

Your Visit

It is our daily commitment to treat our patients with kindness, honesty, and respect- with the utmost concern for the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients. To ensure this, we consistently update our policies, credentials, safety and medical procedures.




Proper preparation is important to ensure optimal procedure outcome. Please do not eat, drink after midnight the night before procedure, and strictly follow the instructions given. If you are currently taking medications, check with your doctor which medications you should continue or discontinue prior to procedure.

Most patients will receive conscious sedation or local anesthesia for their procedure. Therefore, you should arrange to have a responsible adult to drive home. Plan to have someone with you for the day to allow you to plenty of rest and recovery from sedation.



For procedures that require conscious sedation, or local anesthesia, it will be administered by our physician and nurses. Conscious sedation is accomplished by giving short-acting sedative and pain medications through a small catheter inserted into your vein. It helps to keep you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the procedures.



Before you go home, you will receive a copy of discharge instructions on what medications to take, activity restrictions after procedure, diet recommendation and proper follow-up. The responsible adult will need to sign you out from the center. It biopsies were taken during the procedure, the results will be available within five working days from the surgery date. Please make a follow-up appointment with your doctor or call your doctor for these reports as instructed at discharged.

Financial Matter


You will receive a bill for professional fee from your surgeon performing the procedure. MSC will bill you for the facility fee to cover the expenses of the procedure performed at the center. You will find the fees for services rendered at MSC quite competitive compared to other facilities. If biopsies were taken, you will receive another bill for the processing and interpretation of the specimen.

All above services will be billed to your insurance. However, you are responsible for all final payments. On the day of your procedure, please bring updated insurance information so that your medical insurance carrier can be billed promptly and accurately. For your convenience, MSC accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, checks, or cash payment. All co-payments are due prior to the procedure. Feel free to discuss any financial or billing matter with our staff.


Symptom Screening for COVID-19

  • We are screening patients, staff and anyone entering the center for symptoms
  • Every person entering the center has their temperature taken

Masks and Social Distancing

  • All employees are wearing masks
  • Patients wear a mask or face covering to the center
  • Social distancing rules are followed throughout the center
  • Patient escorts are asked to remain in the car until patient is ready to go home

Center Cleaning

  • Our center follows state and federal infection control requirements to protect our patients, and as always, we are cleaning every room after each patient
  • High touch surfaces are receiving extra cleaning throughout the day
  • We provide hand sanitizer and tissues in all patient care areas